Finally … The Peterson’s have entered the 21st Century

So Steve & I finally caved under the mounds of pressure. Everyone has been asking us to start a blog to keep y’all posted on our adventures in Norway ~ so here it is!  Brad Allison came over this afternoon to help us set it up. Thanks Brad! 

We leave tomorrow for Norway around 11:00am CST~ and arrive in Bodo, Norway at 12:15pm (noon) on TUESDAY … they are 8 hrs ahead of us, so we’ll be traveling for a VERY long time. Our flight plan is Austin-New York-Oslo-Bodo. We’ve got a long layover in New York~ so we’re planning to have a leisurely dinner 🙂 

Other than that, just trying to finish up last minute details. 

Say a prayer for our safe travel if you get a chance!

June 09



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2 responses to “Finally … The Peterson’s have entered the 21st Century

  1. Karen

    Skype, email, facebook, and now your blog. It will be great to keep in touch with you if only I can figure out where to look! lol

  2. Karen

    Your picture is on the blog now. You look Marvelous!!! I was checking around to see what different things are on my computer. Did you know that I can translate your blog into other languages?

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