We FINALLY made it to Bodo around 5:15pm. Jan met us briefly at the airport and then had to head off to an end of the year party. Two students from the University took us to our apartment and then to the grocery store. We just made it home at 7:00pm. Zonked. But alive! Food prices here are astronomical. Seriously. Out of control~ It cost us $75 for 2 burgers and 2 beers. We’ll be eating a lot of noodles while we’re here I think…. They seem to be cheap in comparison to the rest of the food. On a sad note~ they made us throw away our peanut butter in the airport. I guess that you can’t bring paste items through security? It’s a real bummer food wise (especially for steve). 

Our place is nice and “quaint”. It’s student housing~ and they provided us with bedding and dishes. We’ve still got to get it all set up. Right now all of our luggage is taking up the living space in the downstairs area. I will post pics soon. We’re going to try to get to bed soon and sleep through the night to get on Norway time. Much love to all!



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5 responses to “WE’RE HERE!!!

  1. Lauren

    This is neat!! I’m glad you guys made it safely!!! :o) I’ll be reading!

  2. Sue

    Glad to know you are there. FYI, though you’ve probably already checked, 1 NOK equals 15.5¢. Your internet usage cost yesterday was around $9. Maybe the burgers weren’t quite so high either. It’s pretty shocking, though, how pricey things are in Europe. For the first six months, I constantly did currency calculations. Now I just figure it is what it is. Probably not a very economical way to go, but at least I don’t go crazy every time I go to the grocery store! Hope you got some sleep. Take care and see you in 15 days.

    • steveandbrit

      Hey Sue,
      Thanks for the note. We do have the conversion factor but we were calculating it in the opposite way.. NOK/6.5 = american dollars. The internet at Oslo wasn’t 25 on it’s own… I spent 15 in NJ to use the internet and then 8 to 10 in Oslo. Unfortunately our meal was around 75american dollars. Such is life! We’re only here once right!
      Look forward to seeing you soon! Love, Brit

  3. Frances Hamker

    Awww Brit & Steve! It looks awesome!!! So glad you arrived safely! Love you and I\’ll be reading the blog!
    Have fun!

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