Bodø Day 1

So first off, the key boards here in Norway actually have a key for this letter ‘Ø’ which makes it a lot easier to type the name of the city we live in!

We went to be last night around 11pm and slept until 7am. We both feel pretty rested at this point and are not experiencing too much jet lag. Jan picked us up at 9am and we made our way up to the university. We got our usernames and passwords for signing on to the computer and he set us up with an office. It’s really big and Steve and I will be sharing it while we’re here.

We had lunch in the cafeteria (open faced sandwiches… mine was seafood w/cucumber and steve had salami with egg salad on top I think…). We also had a thin waffle…almost like a crepe with brown cheese (a sweet cheese) and jelly. I was definitely different than at home, but really yummy.

We’ve met some really nice people and are currently working on setting up our schedule for the month that we’re here. Steve will be working on some of the internet/web materials for the graduate school of business while I collect my data. We are so excited to be here and to see what Bodø has to hold for us in the coming months!



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2 responses to “Bodø Day 1

  1. Lauren

    Hey- that’s great you two have an office! I was wondering what Steve would be doing while you guys are there. Good deal.

    • steveandbrit

      Steve is going to be working for the Graduate school of business doing some work on their website. He’ll be modifying the english and working with the design so that it will be attractive to english speakers 🙂 He’s pretty excited about it!

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