Thurs~ Lesson learned

Today is Thursday ~ and we were going to head up to campus, but unfortunately, Jan’s daughter Nora is sick. 😦 We don’t have a bus pass or bikes yet, so we’re staying in our apartment and working from home today. It’s a beautiful & sunny day outside. A bit windy~ and “chilly” from a Texan perspective. It is suppose to reach about 17degrees C today… or about 66 F (I think…) but with the wind it feels cooler. Yesterday was only about 50 degrees, so today feels a lot nicer. 

Being in Norway has made me realize how over indulgent we are as Americans. Steve and I expected that this would happen, but we are hungry often as we try to “keep up with the jones'” or rather, “eat less with the Norwegians” 🙂 Americans eat so often, and so much. We over indulge and consume way more than our bodies truly need. I think that this is our first “lesson learned” from the Norwegian culture. Steve and I are working on embracing that value while we’re here.



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2 responses to “Thurs~ Lesson learned

  1. Hey guys…love the pics. Keep them coming. Especially the ones where Steve is curled up in the most uncomfortable looking position on the world smallest furniture. I know the Nords don’t like food…but i guess they don’t like plush couches either.

    • steveandbrit

      Ha! I know right 🙂 Steve was so tired that night that it didn’t really matter how uncomfortable he was! Glad you’re enjoying the blog! We miss y’all!

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