Jan’s Cabin 30 Min North of Bodo: Saturday Night

Jan and his family invited us up to their cabin this weekend to relax and unwind. It was beautiful! I bet you all are sick of hearing me say that… sorry, there just aren’t any other words to describe it. 

We got there on Saturday afternoon ~ about 2pm~and Jan had just fixed his son’s boat motor so we all hiked down to the water to watch/go for a ride. Vegard (I’m not sure if I spelled that right…) is 11 and Nora is 7. They are both such amazing kids. A lot of fun and very well behaved.




After the boat trip ~we relaxed for awhile before dinner time. We had a wonderful meal on the grill ~ 2 kinds of pork, turkey, veggies, an au gratin potato casserole, salad, and some rolls & coffee for dessert. It felt like A LOT of food compared to what we’ve been eating 🙂 but all of it was wonderful. We felt very blessed to be welcomed in such a way. 

Steve and I took a walk near the cabin after that (and hiked up a near by “hill” to get a good view of the scenery). Then we walked back down by the water where Vegard was in his boat again. Jan & Steve stayed on dry land this time and threw out a few lines. Jan caught a Halibut (a baby compared to how big they can get) ~ and Steve caught his first fish EVER (a small cod). It was a pretty cool experience. Jan cleaned the fish & we cooked it up right away so that Steve could taste freshly caught/cooked fish. 


Look at how happy he is with his cod!!! I was super proud of my honey. 

DSC_0116Halibut is a strange fish… they have both of their eyes on one side of their head…can you see them? The other side of this fish is actually white! This guy was on the chopping block. On a side note~ I never knew you could boil fish!

Boiled Halibut: 

Bring the water to a boil, take the pot OFF of the hot stove, and THEN put the raw fish (skin & all if you want…) into the “hot tub” as Rachael Ray would call it! Let the fish sit for 10 minutes until cooked through & serve. Salt to taste. It was a great end to a wonderful night. 

Jan’s family’s cabin is pictured below. 


The guest cabin we slept in 


Sun over the mountains near by Jan’s cabin



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One response to “Jan’s Cabin 30 Min North of Bodo: Saturday Night

  1. jen

    great pictures.. i can’t believe steve had never caught a fish before!

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