More Pics from Friday Night Sun “un-set”

This was taken up on this footbridge that overlooked the city. It was an amazing view. 


City of Bodo around 10:30pm 



Sun over the mountains about 10:30/11:00pm 


The hues in the sky were unbelievable.


I can’t seem to make this pic look right side up! Sorry! 




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4 responses to “More Pics from Friday Night Sun “un-set”

  1. Cord

    Sweet, glad you guys are having a good time. Looks like a great place to visit. I bet Steve is glad to be out of the paint store finally!

    • steveandbrit

      Steve is very happy to be working for the University 🙂 He’s actually doing a lot of editing on their english websites! We miss y’all!

  2. Shauna

    My favorite part is Steve’s scarf. Way to represent your wife’s hard work! Miss you guys 🙂

    • steveandbrit

      I know! He’s so cute huh? Well, in reality, I brought the scarf up the mountain to wear, but he was cold 🙂 so I shared. Hope things are going well in your full house!

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