Sunday June 21st: Hike up the Mountain

On Sunday Jan took us hiking up a mountain near his cabin. It took us about 2 hrs to get to the top~ the kids came too! I was so impressed that they made it all the way up there! The pics below show some of the hike. 

We started off in sort of “marshy” terrain ~ then moved to steep muddy forest~ and then it was rocky. The views were amazing. See below. 




Does anyone know how to flip these vertical pictures upright? I saved it as a vertical photo, but it keeps flipping this way when I put it on word press 😦 



View from the top. Representing TX 🙂 and appreciating the amazing view. The North Fjord is to the left of the picture & the South Fjord is to the right. Fjords were created by the glaciers ~ check out this website for more info:


Steve just before we made it to the top! 



This is a picture of all of us 🙂 We made it to the top of the mountain!! Can you believe it?!!! We are all so relieved that we finally made it ~ that’s why we’re all smiling so broadly! 



We got down a lot quicker than it took us to get up there~ and then the Nora wanted us to jump on the trampoline! And we did b/c she was  just so darn cute and it’s hard to resist her! Talk about over-exhaustion! After that though, we were able to relax in their hot tub and relax our muscles. 

We got home that night around 9:00ish and crashed hard. Needless to say, we were both hurting on Monday am! 

That’s all for now folks~ we head down to southern norway tomorrow am early (Kongsvinger & Oslo)~ will keep you up to date as we get internet access. We’ll be back “online” for sure on July 8th. 

Love~ The Petersons



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4 responses to “Sunday June 21st: Hike up the Mountain

  1. Lauren Campbell

    Looks just beautiful – a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

    • steveandbrit

      Thanks!! We’re loving it ~ Keep posting pics on your site of bear! he’s so darn cute~ we’ll have to do another “photo shoot” when we get back 🙂

  2. Krista Kurtzweil

    I am really loving all the updates! Looks absolutely breath taking every where you go! So glad that it sounds like everything is going well for both of you. Keep up the posts… love to stay “in touch” 🙂

    • steveandbrit

      I’m glad!! Thanks for commenting~ some times you don’t know if anyone is even reading this thing! 🙂 Hope that baby preparations are going well!! XOXO

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