Cell Phone Fiasco

So we’re sitting in the Oslo airport again 🙂 cellphone-less…. 

We had a norwegian cell phone here to get in touch with the people who were planning to meet us. Unfortunately, when Steve turned off the phone on the airplane~ it wanted a code to sign us back in. That code is sitting on our kitchen table in Bodo! So, we’re trying to get a new “SIM” card (which pretty much means, a new phone number and more minutes…) so that we can call the people we need to reach. 

Traveling is always tough, but being cellphone-less makes it more difficult. We’re hoping that we can get this all worked out soon! 


Steve just came back from the cell phone stand with a new SIM card… we kept the same phone number…and We’re hoping that our minutes from our previous card transfered over… Keep your fingers crossed!


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One response to “Cell Phone Fiasco

  1. Marit

    He, He, yes that´s normal for european cell phones. You need to have a code. I was very surprised with my first american cellphone, that I didn`t need one!

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