We arrived yesterday at Solhaug~ which is the Lindberg Family Farm & Cottage. 

Frank Lindberg is the Dean at Bodo’s graduate school of Business~ for those who went to Qualitative Camp with me a few years back, he was there with us on that trip. Frank’s family graciously agreed to take Steve and I in during our stay in Kongsvinger. The family runs a small cottage business here. It seems like there are 3 or so cottages that they rent out to the public. People have their own sleeping quarters/cabins (kind of like camp) but they share a common bathroom/shower building. Our cottage has a small stove, refrigerator, and range. We also have a sink with running water. The toilets & showers are about 50 yards away. 

Luckily (and most importantly) they have internet access! ALthough, the signal isn’t strong, so it often cuts out. I doubt skype would work here… 

This place reminds me a lot of WI… especially up in the Northwoods~ but our family cottage on Archibald lake. The farm is situated on 400 acres (I think…that’s what she said!) and goes right up to the lake. We’re about a 3 min walk to the water. We are able to swim & canoe here if we’d like. I guess that in theory (if we had the gear) we could take a canoe & camp over night somewhere along the river/lake. If we canoe across the lake, we’ll be in Sweden! Pretty neat. 

It’s very peaceful & quiet here. We have all of the windows open in the small cottage~ and the bugs just fly in and out. We slept last night with the windows closed so we didn’t get bit by mosquitoes. The flies are around all of the time (and bees sometimes too)~ but mosquitoes seem to only bother us at night. So it’s not been too bad. 

Laila (Frank’s mom) lives here in her own little house as well as Frank’s brother’s family (Eric, Analisa, and their 2 children). We have yet to meet Eric as he is in Oslo on business. He should return tomorrow. Although, I did speak with him on the phone & he has very strong english skills! It’s always nice to have people who speak very fluently around to help  translate when necessary. 

Today Steve and I are just working from the cottages & we’ll probably go for a swim later in the afternoon. It’s warmer here than we thought it would be…so we didn’t pack enough close for the warm weather! Only one sun dress and one skirt. Oh well, maybe we’ll just have to go shopping in Oslo if it stays this temp! We did bring our suits though!! 

I will try to post more pics when I can, but this internet is finicky so I’m not sure it will allow them to load. Might have to wait until we get to Oslo (or back to Bodo) before I can post more. 

Blessing to all!


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  1. Karen

    It’s great to hear what you’re doing. What a wonderful adventure you’re having. If you canoe to Sweden, put your passport in a ziplock bag and attach it to you, incase the canoe tips. lol

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