Canoe Trip

I used to canoe a lot when I was a little girl. My grandparents own this beautiful cottage in Northern WI on Archibald Lake and my family & I went there every weekend when I was growing up. My grandparents were big fans of canoeing & we decided to join in the fun.

Being here has brought back those wonderful memories…. When we arrived here at the farm, I was excited to see that they had canoes that we could use.   

I thought you might enjoy seeing shots of the lake and our 2 hr trip to Sweden. Yes, Sweden. The lake is located in both Norway and Sweden. Eric (Frank’s brother who lives here) told us that we definitely crossed the boarder into Sweden on our short trip around the water 🙂 Whoo Hoo!! 

It was a fun trip ~ Here are some pics to prove it: 

The canoe has these neat little wheely things that you could attach to them to pull the canoes down to the lake. MUCH easier than carrying them!! 









Steve showing his steering skills! 







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  1. Karen

    I printed this and will send to Ben.

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