Pictures of the Farm

I’ve learned that the Nikon takes AWESOME photos, but it also takes a lot longer to upload the big files to the blog~ so here are a few more from our Olympus  point & shoot camera. These photos were taken around 9:30pm tonight ~ yes, still light out 🙂 

This is a picture of the cabin we are staying in. The bottom left (open door) is a small kitchen/table. The bottom right is a different “cabin” with bunk beds, a single bed, and a small couch. The upstairs has a sitting area and 2 small bedrooms. We are currently living on the left side/upstairs area. 


The picture below is of the main farm house building. This is where Frank’s brother Eric & his family live. (Frank is the dean of the business school in Bodo where we are living). 



Beautiful sun “set” ~ the sun actually does set here in Southern Norway (b/c we’re south of the Arctic Circle)~ but only for a short time. It’s nice b/c when the sun gets low in the sky, it cools things down quite a bit! 


Picture of “my” work space (at least right now). This is the downstairs left side of the cabin. 


Picture of Steve’s “temporary” workspace. A little help would be appreciate teaching me how to turn these darn pictures right side up!!! I can’t seem to figure it out. Apparently I’m not very technology savvy!


Taking a break to smile for the camera. Gotta love the lake hair waves! 



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