Oslo July 2-5

Steve and I are in Oslo currently visiting with my Aunt Sue & Uncle Tim~ We’ve been having a fantastic time! Yesterday we arrived around the lunch hour & had a splendid meal near our hotel (an interesting chicken salad blend). Then we headed down to the Vigeland Sculpture park & the Vigeland Museum and saw the sculpture of “The Angry Boy” (see wikipedia for info on the park~ I can’t vouch for it, but it seems accurate 🙂  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vigeland_Sculpture_Park) The park has all kinds of beautiful sculptures and fountains. We’ll definitely post pics when we get back to Bodo next week. 

After that, we had a nice dinner on the harbor ~ “Shrimps” ~ that’s what they call them. Shrimps not shrimp. It was a great time. We laughed a lot about the little heads on the shrimp~ in the US, they pull those off before they serve even peel & eat shrimp. But not here! You’ve gotta get your little guys ready to eat all on your own.

Sue & Tim had been up since 2:30am, so they called it a night a bit early~ and Steve and I walked around for a few more hours. We visited the Opera House. It was finished just last year and has this really neat architeture roof that you can walk around on. Then we walked down Carl Johan street ~ the main drag ~ and just people watched. The royal palace was at the end of Carl Johan street~ so we stopped and took a photo of that too! Great night all & all.

This morning we met Sue & Tim around 9:00am ~ got coffee and then boarded a “lunch tour boat” around 10:30am. We purchased this ‘nifty pass’ called the Oslo pass. One of the perks was a free shrimp lunch & fjord boat tour. Yes, we ate more shrimp. The other benefits of the Olso pass were free entry into ALMOST ALL of the museums~ and FREE public transportation! It’s been a HUGE money saver 🙂 The boat tour was super neat~ it was on one of those really old boats (wooden). It lasted 2 hrs ~ and dropped us off on this peninsula on the far side of Oslo where are lot of the museums/tourist attractions are. We got to go past some of the quaint islands around Oslo. Great views and great pics to come! 

Today was a big museum day. We visited the Fram where this HUGE wooden ship is kept. The ship travelled to the North Pole. Then we went to the Kon-Tiki Museum & the Viking Museum. The Vikingship museum has the best preserved Viking Ships ever found. They were found in burial mounds by an Oslo Fjord. One of them was from around 700 AD. The Kon-Tiki Museum had 2 ships/boats from Thor Heyerdahl’s famous sailing expeditions. The Ra and the Kon-Tiki are two of those ships. Check out info on the ships & Thor at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thor_Heyerdahl

After the Viking Museum we are all super warm so we decided to at a restaurant on the harbor. We relaxed for a little over an hour and then took the (free) ferry back to Oslo Center. We took some time to stop by the Nobel Peace Center~ which was  A LOT cooler than I expected 🙂 They had this really neat light display with all of the Noble Peace Prize winners. 

It’s now about 6:30 pm and we’re resting at the hotel b/4 going out for dinner on Carl Johan Street. 

Hmm… what else? 

OH Yes, Steve and I have BUNK BEDS. Yes, Bunk Beds. I unfortunately booked a room for a “single” person instead of “double” ~ so we ended up with bunk beds instead of one double bed  🙂 It’s pretty entertaining. The size of our room is Itsy Bitsy! Y’all seriously won’t believe how small it is if I told you~ so I’ll just post pics soon to ‘prove’ it. 

That’s all for now! Missing all of you A LOT!



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4 responses to “Oslo July 2-5

  1. Lauren Campbell

    Sounds like you are both having a great time. Enjoy the nice weather…it’s in the 100’s here!


    • steve

      Yes, we are having a good time here, the weather in Austin sounds like it has been in the 100’s for a few weeks now, make sure Bear is the A/C lol?

      Tell Cord we say hi and happy 4th of July


  2. teresa kaable

    thanks for all the wonderful pictures, and comments about your trip.

    love mom

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