Hotel Room in Oslo

As promised here are pics from our TINY hotel room! 

Steve is checking out the luggage rack here. Behind him, is the bathroom door.. 


And this is the rest of it… yes, those are bunkbeds. I told you …

Oh, and that white board looking thing on the wall~ THAT IS THE OTHER BED.


And here it is! Note, the tiny ladder that I had to climb up & down to get into bed! 

DSC_0595Oh, and did I mention, it was like 90 degrees outside and the hotels in Olso (well, most of them, and this one in particular) don’t have A/C 🙂 ? 

We did have a great time though~ this room just kept us laughing.



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3 responses to “Hotel Room in Oslo

  1. Frances Hamker

    I honestly think that things in Olso are made for midgets…..everything is SO little!!! he he he MISS You like crazy honey….really so much 🙂
    Please tell Steve hello for me and much love to both of you!
    I can’t wait to hear alllllll about it…….

    I’m loving having Bo here….it’s amazing 🙂

    TALK soon and XXOO

  2. Lauren

    Funny what we take for granted, isn’t it?? Guess we forget that just being American is a luxury in some ways.
    BTW- Ryan would never fit in a bed like that. . . he’s way too tall. 🙂 haha.

    • steveandbrit

      HA! Too funny~ it is REALLY funny what we take for granted…
      like shrimp being beheaded BEFORE they make it to your table… 🙂 Hope things are well with you girl!

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