Pictures of Oslo Saturday July 4th

 Saturday was a fun day in Oslo. The rain the night before had cooled things down a bit (I think the high reached about 80-85 degrees F) so we were able to walk around without sweating profusely. (I’m sure all of my Texas friends just gave a big disgusted sigh here! ) In the AM~ as I mentioned in a previous post, we went to Munch’s museum and saw The Scream. Here’s a picture… best I could do without the flash.


After that, we went over to the Akershus Castle which was a Medieval castle that was remodeled during the renaissance~ many different types of architecture~ and beautiful views of the city. 


The only picture that we all took together! My Aunt Sue & Uncle Tim were so much fun 🙂 Thanks for coming guys! 


The castle was also a fortress at one time. Poor Steve, I shoved the camera and said, quick take a picture before the tour guide moves on! 🙂 


View from the Castle overlooking the city of Oslo! It was a fun city. 


After the castle, we ate a late lunch ~ and Steve & I walked around Oslo on Carl Johan Gate for awhile. We went out and had a FANTASTIC dinner with Sue & Tim just north of city center. We met some sweet norwegians and had good food and great conversation. It’s likely this will be the best meal we have while we’re here! 

After dinner, we wandered back downtown and popped into this music joint. There was a women there playing guitar & singing a very random selection of songs in both Norwegian & English including: “My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean”, “What’s Up” by four non blonds, “Born in the USA” and then other norwegian folk sounding music…

EVERYONE in the place sang along with the “I was born in the USA” part… which I found to be very strange when they all also knew the norwegian songs! …it was an interesting and entertaining evening. 


DSC_0271We got in pretty late & had to get up early to take the train to Bergen… more to come in our next installment!


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