Oslo Friday July 3rd Pictures

The day in brief is as follows…. you can read more in an earlier post if you want to know any of the details! 

Shrimping boat ride






Fram Museum


Kon-Tiki Museum 






Viking Museum


Lunch near the water


Nobel Peace Center~ each of these digital “frames” had pictures of former Nobel Peace Prize winners. It was pretty neat in here. 


Dinner @ Hard Rock & a walk down to the palace again. This sky was amazing… just after the storm so it had cooled down finally! 



Dessert ~ per our AWESOME waiter at TGI Fridays to celebrate the “birthday” of America! We sat down around 11:30ish? and our waiter said, that they were not serving dessert any more ~ I was SO bummed b/c I was really craving chocolate. Sigh. As Steve was walking to the toilet (that’s what they call it here) , he saw our waiter & said something like can I buy you a drink to celebrate the 4th of July? The waiter smiled ~ and declined. But then about 5 minutes later came walking out to our table holding 2 ice cream desserts FLAMING with these things that looked like massive sparklers. It was pretty awesome~ he said “Happy Birthday!” set the dessert down & walked away. It was 12:05am July 4th. Pretty memorable.


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