Successful Meal…. Finally

So one of the biggest challenges in being here has been FOOD. Y’all are probably sick of hearing me talk about it by now, but I actually have something good to say! 

When I was skyping with my mom the other day, she suggested I make some soup. I responded that we didn’t have anything “canned” here (e.g. cream of mushroom for a base, canned tomatoes, canned corn etc….things I’d normally dump into a big ‘ole soup pot!). But I decided to heed her advice & try. When we went to the grocery store yesterday, I pretty much freaked out when I found chicken bouillon cubes. Yes, no joke, I jumped up and down in the store. Steve was like “what the heck is that stuff” ~ 🙂 I had to explain that it was a base for broth soup 🙂

Today I was able to successfully make some yummy, homemade soup! It’s really the first “real meal” that I have cooked since we’ve been here. I mean, we’ve had spaghetti (with store bought sauce), hot dogs, and sandwiches, I even baked some salmon one night~ but I hadn’t actually “Cooked” anything since we’d left home. It felt good to finally be able to make a home cooked meal. A little more normal…

Here’s what we ended up with~ it wasn’t half bad! If were were in the US I’d probably add some italian seasoning & fresh spinach to the mix, but for Norway~ it was fantastic.

Rustic (Non) Norwegian Soup

4 small baking potatoes diced into bit sized pieces (I left the skins on)

3 large handfuls of corkscrew noodles

1 med/large stockpot full of water

2 chicken boullion cubes (I think it says 1 cube per cup of water in the US, but I usually use twice as much water as it calls for..)

1/2 yellow pepper, diced

small handful cherry tomatoes diced

3 cloves of garlic (sliced with a cheese grater~ no joke, that’s how I cut it. We only have a serrated bread knife, which doesn’t work so well on garlic)

 1 polish sausage (pre-cooked) diced 

oil or butter 


In a medium sized stock pot, boil water (maybe 6 cups?) with the chicken bouillon cubes till disolved. Add in the potatoes and boil for approx 2 min, add the noodles and boil until both the potatoes & noodles are fully cooked (maybe 15 minutes?)

At the same time, add oil/butter/margarine (we used margarine b/c it’s quite a bit cheaper here) to a non-stick fry pan over medium heat. Add the sliced/diced garlic and sautee for a few minutes. Add in the diced sausage and yellow peppers and brown for an additional 3-4 minutes. Then, add in the mushrooms and cook for a few minutes, and finally toss the tomatoes in at the end to warm through. 

All of these items should be cooked within the time it takes to boil & cook the noodles & potatoes. 


combine the two pots together & serve with crusty bread. 

Honestly folks, I thought this was pretty darn good considering the circumstances! 

You could also add some cannelinni beans, garbanzo beans, hmm.. green beans, or even some onions! Any of these would make the meal even more flavorful. Oh, and of course, season this baby up if you’re able! 

Enjoy my (non) norwegian meal!


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