Hurtigruten ‘Cruise’ Ship: Kong Harald (or “King Herald” in English speak)

Thought for the day:

I figure that people like to see photos when they’re reading new blog posts right? Well, I definitely like to see new pictures often 🙂 so having said that, I’m very gradually going to post pictures from our trip through Bergen, Trondheim, Alesund, Geigranger and the rest of the beautiful cruise. I don’t know that we’ll be doing much “cool stuff” in the coming weeks. Mostly working! Which, is good right? I mean, b/c that’s the purpose of us being here. But I think it would probably be boring for you to just read “we worked a lot today” on every blog post. 

SO having said that~ I’ll be making updates throughout the coming month with some of the amazing photos we took while on our Hurtigruten cruise. 

For those who want to see the “itinerary” check out this link~ We sailed days 1-4 (ending in Bodo)

Here’s the ship we were on. See those first two port holes right above my head, well that was our room… Not so good on rough seas (mixed with motion sickness…). 


You’re looking at the back view of the ship from this angle


The “cruise ship” was not really that much of a cruise ship. I mean, for our purposes it was great, but man, let me tell ya~ I would NOT want to be a kid (or for that matter, bring kids) on this boat. There really wasn’t that much to do. Besides look at the ridiculously beautiful scenary. 🙂 Well, that only works for children for a short time & then they are super bored. 

If you want to get a clear picture of our experience, Here’s a link to 360 cameras of the ship. I will reference different places to click to see our normal spots in the section that follows….

There were 7 floors on the ship. 

  • Level 1: Cargo & vehicle storage
  • Level 2: “work out room” which was locked all of the time, and a sauna which was tiny & we didn’t use it
  • Level 3: cabins & the main reception desk. This was the floor that our room was on. Our cabin was most similar to an “Strd Inside Cabin” we were actually on the “outside of the ship” but we only had 2 port holes for windows. See the 360 link about & click strd inside cabin for a peak 
  • Level 4: by far the most ‘eventful’ level~ it had the main dining room buffet area (which we did NOT buy b/c it was WAY expensive~ $70/person for dinner each night & that was just dinner….), a very small children’s play area with a tiny coloring table, and a small slide into a miniature ball pit (I’m talking TINY people, see the “Arcade” 360 view on the website for a picture), a bar area where lounge singers played at night, and a a la carte dining area where we ate all but one of our meals (click on the “cafe” 360 camera)  
  • Level 5: only rooms, but the cool thing about this level was that it had an outside deck that went ALL the way around the ship. This was the only level where you could go to the front of the boat & look out. 

Us being silly on the 5th floor… I bet that there were people in that cabin room looking out at us thinking, what crazy kids! 


  • Level 6: rooms, & also open deck space on the back of the ship
  • Level 7: a main “chill” area up front. There were windows all around this front area of the ship. They did not sell drinks in this area, it was more for reading & just relaxing. Then there was a bar in the middle of the 7th floor. The back part of the ship had a very large deck space with lounge chairs for people to read, sleep, relax on & enjoy the gorgeous views. 

This picture shows the upper deck ~when it was JAM PACKED with people taking photos of the beautiful Fjord. See Steve in the middle? 


Here’s a map of the whole ship:

Now for those people with kids, can you imagine how stir crazy they would be after 4 days on the boat… much less 12 DAYS which is what the WHOLE cruise was if you decided to take the entire trip. Steve and I just stayed on for 4 days…and by that time the parents & kids we saw on board were about to pull out their hair. Poor folks! 

 They did offer daily “excursions” to get people off the ship, but you had to pay extra for those…

All in all~ it was completely worth it from our perspective. The boat met our needs for travel & sight seeing, but we would not recommend it to someone looking for a luxury cruise 🙂 Here’s a taste of the amazing views that made it all worthwhile! 



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