Train Ride from Oslo to Bergen

I know, I know~ I’m not going in chronological order, which is probably confusing the heck out of some of you! 

Here’s the scoop. We travelled from Bodo to Kongsvinger. Kongsvinger to Oslo. Oslo to Bergen. Then took the coastal steamer from Bergen to Bodo. That, in short, was our trip. Sorry that I talked a bit about our cruise before the train, but that’s just the way it happened 🙂 


On Sunday July 5th, Steve & I hopped a train from Oslo to Bergen. It was a FAR better experience than I expected ! The seats were spacious & there was lots of leg room. It was a 7 hr train ride, so they even had a dining car. Pretty cool stuff. The views from the train were spectacular. It was good “prep” for the cruise and set our expectations high. 

Here are a few pics of the voyage. 




Can you see the ice in the picture below! 


At this point you’re probably wondering, “wow, how did you get all those good shots in a moving train?” Well, let me tell you. No joke, I stood up in between the train cars (by a door with a big window) for about 2 hrs. It was enclosed mom~ don’t freak out 🙂

 Yep, 2 hrs of the 7 hr ride I was just chilling in a doorway snapping photos. I think the people who were sitting by us thought I was nuts. And I would probably agree with them! I’m officially a picture-aholic.


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  1. Krista Kurtzweil

    oh my gosh! what an absolutely beautiful place!!! I love all your pictures 🙂

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