Lazy Sunday

Today has been a pretty chill day. I got up around 10:30am & Steve slept till 12:00 🙂 My tired little honey! I spent the morning reading the bible & checking email. Then we had lunch & walked to the city centre. The main reason for walking there was to check out the movie theatre~ you see, the 6th Harry Potter movie comes out this Friday. Yes, I know it comes out on Wed in the states, but it’s Friday here folks 😦 



Anyway! We got there and they were closed. Closed on a Sunday afternoon at 1:00pm. Very strange in my opinion. Although, many things are closed on Sundays including almost all stores, lots of restaurants, and even most grocery stores. There was a ticket machine in the entry way, and some people were standing there buying some movie tickets. I asked them if they spoke English & they said yes. So I proceeded to ask them (in a crazy harry potter fan obsessive manner) if they knew if you could buy tickets to see Harry Potter early. They just stared at me, then one said, well, it’s probably sold out all opening weekend. I really really hate to admit that I was incredibly crestfallen. Seriously. Really bummed out 😦 I know it sounds REALLY silly, but it was this one piece of normalcy that I was holding on to… anyway, we discovered that the theatre opened at 5:30pm that night and resolved to come back & check out the situation at that time. 

We continued walking around the city for about 1 1/2 hrs more~ and came home to rest for a bit. We listened to the sermon from the Stone from last week as well. At 5:00 we headed back out to the theatre (it’s about a 30 min walk each way…) When we got there, I was SOOOOOOO Overjoyed to learn that there WERE still tickets left & that we COULD buy them for Friday night! Whooo HOOOO. 200NOK later, and we had our seats. That’s another thing, they actually have assigned seats here, interesting… we’re in row 9 seats 3&4, which probably aren’t the best, but at least they aren’t the neck cranking seats. 

Now we’re home, just had polish sausages for dinner and I’m updating the blog. Steve’s reading the bible & we’re waiting to skype with some family this evening. All & all a great day. 




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