Bergen Photos

Sunday July 5

Steve & I traveled by train to Bergen Norway. We arrived around 6:00pm and our ship left port at 8:00pm sharp. So we had about an hour & 1/2 to meander around the city before heading to the boat. Steve, as you can see by the look on his face, was on a mission. I think he would have preferred to go directly to the ship… to alleviate any uncertainty with locating it, making it on board, and of course, to put down all that luggage!

Unfortunately (for him) and luckily (for me) I dragged him around for about 30 mins to see the city center.

See Steve below, dragging our luggage around. I had the camera carrier and the backpack.


This picture was taken right after we walked out of the train station. It was a really quaint looking city from this perspective. Later, as we pulled away in the cruise ship, I saw that it was in fact a much larger city than I originally thought!


Near City Center


Look up at the hills/mountains that surrounded the city. Much of the city was built into this valley and a lot of the houses were built into the hills. It was breath-taking.


This is one of the first shots of the old wooden houses that Bergen is famous for.

Excerpt taken from

“In the late Middle ages the Hanseatic League established the German Kontor in Bryggen (the waterfront), which became a thriving center of international trade. The characteristic parallel rows of buildings, with their seaward-facing gables represent a building tradition dating back almost 900 years. The old wooden buildings along the harbor front in Bergen were placed on UNESCO�s World Heritage List in 1980.”


They really were a sight to see. Each house was a mirror image (structurally) of the one next to it. I love all of the different colors of houses in Norway. Much more fun than in the US 🙂


Houses from the other direction.


The tops of all of the houses had dates & family family crests? on them.


Steve didn’t really feel like lugging around all of our stuff, so I actually walked down to the row houses by myself while he sat & relaxed for a few minutes near the fish market. Hmm.. smelly place to relax huh? 🙂 Here’s my self-photo opp!


View of the Harbor and the local fish market


View of the row houses from the other side of the water.


I’m not normally a fan of graffiti but this building was amazing. So artistic.


Steve is SO ready to get on that ship. I just love his expression in this picture. It says, “Brittany, seriously, enough with the camera already the ship is right there, let’s just get on this thing and get moving!”


We finally made it to the departure place, and after much rigmarole, got on. Apparently, the people we’d talked to on the phone when we booked the trip, made 6 different reservations. The poor guy at the counter was so confused, he just printed off these boarding passes (which didn’t even have the right departure city on them…) and sent us on our way. He told us that we could get everything figured out once we got on board… It didn’t quite work out that easily, but we DID get on the ship and it was awesome to watch the boat pull away, and to ponder on the awesome adventure that we were about to embark upon!


Mmmmm Norwegian Beer. Classic.

DSC_0555Bye bye Bergen! Open Ocean, here we come!!!


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