Wisconsin Words

  • Misewell

Pronounced “Mys-well”

Translation: Wisconsinite speak for “Might as well”No joke, I just spent about a minute on Microsoft word spell check trying to spell “mys-well” or “miswell” correctly before I realized I made it up!

Example: I miswell just pick up Taco Cabana for dinner tonight because there’s no time to cook.

  • Bubbler

Translation: Wisconsinite speak for drinking fountain.

Example: I had a spanish teacher once who thought that a bubbler was the urinal in the boys bathroom 🙂 it was quite funny. The little boy in our class asked her if he could go to the bubbler and she said yes, of course. Then a little girl asked her if she could go to the bubbler and the teacher got this disgusted look on her face and exclaimed what are you planning to do in there!

check out the ‘official’ backstory on wikipedia! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bubbler

  • You Guys

Southern form of Y’all ~ used to refer to men, women, children, pets etc. Anyone can be included in ‘you guys’.

Example: You guys ready to go yet? What did you guys do last night?

Add’l forms: “you guyses” (pronounced you-guys-is) example: what’s you guyses plans for tomrrow night?

  • Pop

Translation: soda or “coke” as the southerns call it. Any form of carbonated beverage.

Origins: comes from the traditional ‘soda pop’ from the 50s (I am totally making that part up, but it makes sense right?)

Example: Hey Britt, grab me a pop out of the fridge!

  • Don’t cha know

Translation: are you aware that, are you aware of the fact that, do you know. Can be used as a question, or a statement of fact

Example:The tractor’s over there don’t cha know

  • Comere once

Pronounciation: come here once (all slurred together)

Translation: I would like you to come over here and look at what I’m doing right now, OR please come over here for one second so I can show you something

Example: Steve, comere once, I’ve got to show you what I just saw on Facebook.

  • We

We is a word that many people are very familiar with, however, what you don’t know is that in WI the word “WE” refers to the Packers.

Example: “We are doing real well this season, let’s just hope Rogers can keep it up”, “We better win this one”, “We can’t take one more loss”, “We’re going to kick the Viking’s [insert profanity here] this week”

  • Da Pack

No one’s going on a trip….

Definition: Da Pack = The Green Bay Packers…

Example: Who’s your favorite team~ Da Pack. Who’s going to win the game this weekend, da pack.

  • Brat

Pronounciation: say the ‘a’ like you would say the ‘a’ in a women’s under garment ~ Br-ah-t. Also known as “Bratwurst”

Definition: delicious but absolutely non-nutritious type of sausage. Eatten like a hot dog. You really don’t want to know what’s in one of these puppies. Just eat & enjoy. Traditionally wisconsinites boil the brats in beer & onions prior to grilling & then serve them loaded (sauerkraut and all of the rest of the fixings).

Example: We’re grilling burgers & brats for the big game today.

That’s all for now, I’m sure we have more weird words… but I can’t think of any others  today. Let me know if you think of some, I’d love to hear them!!!


While I was blogging this, Steve was reading foxnews (go figure) 🙂 and noticed this story. Yes folks, Wisconsin makes the national news for some crazy reasons…Ah the wienermobile.




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  1. Shauna

    The weinermobile parked outside of my apartment in college one time! Quite a funny thing to see on your way to class.

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