Sunday Night Hurtigruten

As I mentioned in a previous post, our first night on the ship was anything but relaxing πŸ™‚

The reception desk on board did not really ‘want to deal with our problem’ at 8:00pm b/c they had other things going on. So they told us to come back later. We did, at 9:30pm but they were still too busy. So we came back around 11:30pm & they were a bit exasperated with us, wondering why we hadn’t come earlier. We figured we’d wait till other people were in bed before we bothered them again for the 3rd time. Needless to say, it all worked out and we ended up with a FREE room for the night. They just gave us a room key & said, we’ll figure out the rest in the morning. So that was that. We had a room for Sunday night AND Monday night. Two nights for the price of 1. Which was SUPER awesome considering it was like an extra $400 to have a sleeping cabin per night.

Here are a few pics from our first night on the ship.Β  This was one of the beautiful views we experienced as we pulled out of the port and left Bergen behind.


This was the canteen/restaurant area where we ate almost all of our meals. We had A LOT of pizza; mostly b/c it was cheap, and it filled us up! It was a pretty comfortable place to hang out.


Below you’ll see a picture of our tiny room πŸ™‚ note the single bed. Good thing it was chilly! Steve was of course interested in what was going on outside of the porthole. It was a neat view.


View looking out the port hole from our room.


Sunset from the Hurtigruten.




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2 responses to “Sunday Night Hurtigruten

  1. Karen

    How did you get those artistic colors in the porthole picture?

  2. Steve & Brit

    πŸ™‚ Well, I the camera just did it.
    Actually, it was a combination of the port hole itself~ which was red on the inside, and the outside water/sky which was blue. πŸ™‚

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