More from the Geiranger Fjord

It’s so tough to decide which of the BaZiLLoN photos that I’ve taken are “good enough” to be included on the blog… so here are a few more from the Geiranger Fjord. I’ve also included a few shots where we decided to be silly! So hopefully those ones will make you smile.


Steve got all artistic on me~ well, okay, I guess I told him to take a picture through my pigtail~ but he did take an awesome shot!


I love the tiny little drizzle of water that is falling from the rocks in this pic.


Okay so there is a bit of a ‘back story’ to this picture. As you can see I look like I’m cringe/smiling! The WIND was blowing so much at the front of the boat that it made it tough to smile. I’m not joking, that’s why I look so goofy! See how my hair is blowing out of control? But it was a cute picture of Steve, so I thought I’d include it!



Goofing around at the front of the boat.



Steve always laughs at this picture. When I put the hoodie up, he was like “Brittany, WHAT are you doing?”  The wind up in the front of the boat made it a bit chilly~ so I decided to put up my hoodie to keep my head warm!



Chilling at the front of the boat. Leaning over like that blocked some of the wind! It was so relaxing to just sit back & take in all of the beauty that God created. Just an amazing time. Really makes you reflect on life and what is important.


Steve flipped a coin to see how far it would move… I think that’s what he was doing at least. Either way, cool pic!


Do you see the waterfalls on both sides of the picture?


Reminiscent of Titanic??? We couldn’t quite get down to the bow of the ship, so we faked it. We tried to do this when no one was looking, but then realized that their were WINDOWS behind us. The people with the $$ were probably staying in the cabin suits at the front of the boat~ looking out at the crazy Americans leaning over the front of the railing.


“I’M KING OF THE WORLD”….(Leonardo Di Caprio courtesy of Steve Peterson)

Can you guys believe I actually got him to do this?? I was pretty impressed myself!


So there’s a bit of a back story here too… Steve sat down at the front of the boat so I could take a picture of him. But as he went to get up, it was as if he was walking through a wind tunnel! This picture demonstrates the effort he had to use to get around the corner 🙂 I have the whole “series of pics” on facebook, from sitting down to this one. They’re pretty funny when you look at them all together!


um yeah, gorgeous. ’nuff said!



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