Brunost: Brown Cheese

Steve and I have developed a liking for a common Norwegian treat! It’s called brunost (according to the internet) or brown cheese.

News Flash, Steve & Brittany love cheese. Okay, so maybe not a news flash. Being from WI we love most types of cheese… hmmm cheese curds… But this cheese is very different from anything we’ve ever tried before.

It’s this nutty, mild, almost sweet, melty cheese. YUM! Norwegians typically eat it on thin waffles (see a picture below… this was also taken from a website) with strawberry jam on top. SO good! The waffles can be warm, but they don’t have to be. Often, we’ve seen this in cafeteria style lunch rooms & at hotel breakfasts. It’s pretty much everywhere. I have to admit, the first time I saw this…I was a bit skeptical. However, with Jan’s prompting, Steve & I split a waffle w/the cheese & jam. It was FANTASTIC! The cheese & jam have become staples in our mini fridge(…which btw, looks like it’s a cooler for cold drinks…kind of like dorm room fridges!…anyway, I digress.) We usually eat the cheese & jam on thin slices of bread since we don’t have a waffle maker, but it’s almost as good 🙂 When we’re at school, we’ll buy & split one for lunch, the traditional way.

I’m actually sad that we won’t be able to get this when we get back to the states. And unfortunately it’s probably illegal to transport it back into the US from Norway. I guess we’ll just have to enjoy it while we’re here!!


The information below was taken from

“The Norwegian Brown Cheese is made from whey – most water from the whey (which is a by-product from making ordinary cheese) is boiled out, and what’s left is shaped into a compact, brownish cheese that tastes quite sweet and caramel-like. Many varieties of brown cheese are made, by mixing in cream or goat’s milk – or both. If the brunost contains much (or only) goat’s milk, the flavour gets sharper. Prim is a soft, mild, spreadable brown cheese. The brunost should always be eaten in very *thin* slices – and never be cut with a knife, a cheese slicer (invented by a Norwegian, and another typically Norwegian product) is essential. Brunost is eaten on sandwiches, waffles or pancakes – it can be used in cooking, and tastes great in various sauces. Brunost is probably the most “Norwegian” of all foods, and should of course be tried during your visit to Norway.”


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  1. renee

    They sell it in the USA.

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