Super Nachos

Steve & I went out to a coffee shop/restaurant to celebrate his birthday 🙂 We just got drinks, but noticed a few others in the room snacking on some of the food that the place had to offer. One of the menu items was called “Super Nachos.” When I hear super nachos I think one of two things…

1. Wisconsin super nachos:

These nachos are made with chips that have been really really deep fried. I mean, these babies are crunchy! And they’re not going to get soggy any time soon. They are topped with either diced chicken, ground beef, or both. Tomatoes, olives, and melted shredded cheddar cheese. Served with salsa & sour cream.YUM.

2. Texas super nachos:

These nachos usually come with more delicate, fresher chips, that likely WILL go soggy if you don’t eat them quickly b/c of course, they are doused in Queso. Hmmmm queso. I miss queso. These nachos usually have all of the veggie fixings mentioned above. They also may have some type of pulled beef or chicken on top, but you’ll see that less often than in WI. Texas nachos are always served with guacamole as well as homemade salsa (and usually sour cream as well). But it seems as though purists usually leave the white stuff on the side & go green 🙂

…. Now to Norway super nachos.

Plain tortilla chips in a basket with salsa & sour cream on the side in tiny ramekins…

…For $13.00

It made me long for free chips & salsa @ Hula Hut!

Cheers 🙂 Hope this made you smile!


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