Photos From Ålesund (End of Day 2 Hurtigruten)

After leaving the beautiful Geiranger Fjord, we sailed back to Alesund and got off the ship for a quick walk around the city. We only had about 45 mins, just enough for a taste of what Alesund had to offer. It looked like a beautiful & quaint little town. Here are some of our favorite shots!

View of Alesund through the ‘eyes’ of a Mercedes. I have NO clue what this car was doing here… but it made for a great picture!


Harbor @ Alesund


View from the other side of the city.


Skinny statue man. I don’t know, it just looked cool!


Neat molding in the side of a building~ coupled with the window & the sunlight made for a neat shot!


Telephone booth ~ It’s strange to see these in the US…so  I’m just fascinated when I see them in Europe!

DSC_0370The (weirdly) deserted streets of Alesund. Where were all the people?


I love this man!!


Mock “sunset” after leaving Alesund.


Steve in the “sunset”

DSC_0419Molde (city name)~ Really neat looking building! This pic was taken at about 9:30pm


DSC_0476That’s pretty much it for DAY 2 on the Hurtigruten. It was by far the most beautiful day on our cruise.



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2 responses to “Photos From Ålesund (End of Day 2 Hurtigruten)

  1. Found your site by googling Ålesund. Nice photos from my hometown. Just to let you know; the neat building in Molde is a hotel. The name is Rica Seilet Hotel. (Seilet = The Sail)

    Have a look at this site:

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