Transcribing & Love

You know what love is… LOVE is when your husband transcribes your dissertation interviews for you b/c you are SO stressed you can’t see straight. That my friend, is love.

Yes, Steve is helping me out today by transcribing one of the many interviews that I have collected. For anyone who hasn’t ever transcribed, you can’t even possibly understand the annoying pain that is associated with this process. UGH. SO not fun. For ever 15 minutes of audio recorded conversation, it will take you an HOUR to transcribe it (type out the conversation word for word). And my amazing husband is working on this for me so that I can focus my attention on editing papers to send off for publication & complete my job packet stuff etc.

He truly is amazing and I confess that I am incredibly blessed to have him in my life!

**caveat. I am blessed to have him for MANY reasons, but right now, this transcription thing is really topping the list! 🙂 lol


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