Pictures Hurtigruten Final Evening (set 1)

This is the first set, of several from our final night on the Hurtigruten. This night, by far, had the most amazing sunset that I have ever seen in my life. 🙂 The final picture in this set starts to give you a taste of what’s to come in post 2…

Below, you’ll see Steve & I bundled up! Good thing I made this scarf super long 🙂 b/c we were both a bit chilled from the wind.


Our ship sailed THROUGH that tiny little opening you see in front of you… There was probably a 3-4 ft clearance on either side of the ship??


Yep, that is where we just sailed through! WHEW glad we made it in one piece…


Just a pretty bridge  ~ nothing special


And the gorgeous sunset pictures begin…


I’m not sure you can see it in this photo, but it was raining off in the distance. Look at the ‘orange’ section… you might be able to see it.


Sun burst!


I love the contrast in this shot.







This is a famous mountain near my professor’s home town. If you look closely, you can see that there is a light/white spot in the middle of the mountain. You can actually see THROUGH it! In fact, if you climbed out there, you can walk right through that hole. Pretty cool at night to see!


One of many purple/pink/orange sunset shots to come… and they just keep getting better.

at this point, I feel like I have to tell you that I have NOT edited these photos. They are fresh off the Nikon. Unreal.



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