Off to Lofoten…Henningsvær!

Saturday Larry & Keri (my professors) arrived from Colorado & Washington D.C. (respectively).

Sunday students from UT (and other European schools) came in.

Today we head to the business school for a tour & lunch, and then off to Hurtigruten for our trip out to the Lofoten Islands.


The trip out to the Lofoten Islands should be a beautiful (albeit rainy) voyage. To my understanding, the Lofoten islands is a series of islands off the mainland where there are many local fishing villages. explains it this way “The Lofoten Islands extend dramatically out into the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Northern Norway. This string of islands was home to the richest seasonal Cod fishing in Norway, and picturesque old fishing villages are nested beneath the steep mountains, at the edge of the crystal clear waters. Visitors with a taste for unspoiled nature, old world charm, and adventure will enjoy these magnificent islands near the Arctic Circle.”

We’ll be staying in Henningsvær, which is one of the small villages on the islands. I’ve been told that the place we’re staying feels much like a fantastic bed and breakfast 🙂 and that we’ll get to experience a lot of traditional norwegian cuisine. I’m very much looking forward to that.

Unfortunately, we’re not suppose to have very good internet service while we’re on the island~ so my posts maybe limited for the rest of this week…and then a week from tomorrow~ we’ll board a plane and head back to TX. Crazy how quickly this time has gone by…


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One response to “Off to Lofoten…Henningsvær!

  1. Hi

    Very nice to see that other people take interesst in our little country up north 😉

    I`m from a place a bit further north of Lofoten, but it is one of my favourite retreats in the summertime.

    This spring I made a short video with photos from Lofoten, and maybe I can make you a bit happier if you want too see it 🙂

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