2nd Post by Steve(Leaving Norway)

Well, thanks for tracking our visit to Norway.  We love our family and friends and thank all of you for the supporting us on this trip.  We will miss this welcoming country very much.  We would like to say thank you to all that made this possible.  We thank Brittany’s professors (Dr.Browning, Dr.Sornes, Dr. Stephens and Dr.Lindberg) and others at The University of Texas at Austin and Bodo Graduate School of Business.

We both would highly recommend anyone thinking of traveling to visit Norway.  The landscape is breathtaking and the people are great.  This summer has been absolutely great and probably one of the fastest summers that I remember.  I know they all go the same speed yet it feels like we just arrived here in Norway yesterday; but it has been two months plus.  We will miss Jan and his family very much, they went above and beyond in all aspects of our stay here.

We are so blessed and we thank the Lord for watching over us in our travels


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One response to “2nd Post by Steve(Leaving Norway)

  1. Karen

    I’m sure you’ll visit Norway again sometime.

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