Glacier & Fjord Photos

After we left the saltstraumen, we drove a few hours south to see a glacier. Jan told us that we would go through this SUPER long tunnel & when we came out on the other end, we’d see the glacier. Now, I am not an expert, but it was tough for me to tell the difference between a glacier and a mountain… maybe we didn’t drive far enough. B/c a glacier is suppose to be frozen all year. The top of the mountain was DEFINITELY frozen (see the snow below)…but I’m not sure about the rest of it. It’s hard to tell in the photos. Either way, it was amazingly beautiful.

We decided to take a hike to see if we could get down by the water. We eventually found this little trail, that led us down to the ocean. It seemed like it was only traveled by one person, probably the person who owned the little red building you’ll see below. At one point, I SUNK into the ground… like quicksand. I sunk into the ground “shin deep”. It was a bit scary, but Steve was there to save me 🙂

This pic was taken on the drive down…


We stopped at a beach to take a few shots


I seriously can not get over how teal the water looks!


First view near the glacier (of the glacier??) 🙂


Definitely Ice & Snow!


Mini Waterfall


It really was as amazing as it looks in these pictures. Maybe even moreso. I could not believe the colors down there.. from the yellow boat, to the red cabin, and the teal water…it was all just amazing.




Playing around a bit!


Look how happy he is!! We stayed down here for about 2 hrs just relaxing & walking around 🙂





This photo was taken on the drive back home~ it was so stunning, we just had to stop.



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  1. Karen

    The pictures are amazing. I’m sure you’ll be busy making a photo album/scrapbook of your summer in Norway.

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