Slug Walk

So we’re back, but I still have quite a few fun pics to post from our 2 month long adventure in Norway.

Steve and I took a walk near our apartment and encountered several interesting artifacts, animals, and anomalies 🙂

First, we saw this … well, I’m going to call it a slug. YUCK! Seriously, for a minute, I thought it was a piece of a bike tire, but then upon closer inspection realized it was a slug/bug thingy. This little guy was pretty huge in person.


This photo below was pretty neat (for Steve especially b/c he’s a history buff)~ In the mountains in Bodo, they have many different types of bunkers built. When we flew into the airport we saw more where they used to hide planes during WWII. Many of the bunkers are still in tact.


I just thought this wildflower was pretty, and with Steve in the shot, it made for a nice photo!


This was a tunnel that went under the street so pedestrians could make it to the nearby harbor. I have developed a new fascination with graffiti. It’s such interesting art… beautiful. But also, of course destructive if not permitted.

DSC_1144More to come when I get the time.

School starts on Wednesday~ so my posts might be fewer and futher between! Cheers 🙂


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  1. Karen

    I like the slug/bug.

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