Cheesey Chicken Quesadillas & Fresh Salsa Verde

I was walking through the grocercy store the other day & made a decision. I decided that I was going to make an effort to use tomatillos in a recipe. Those little “paper covered” green tomato looking “things” had always been a bit intimidating… but hey, you never know if you don’t try right? I found them to be a lot less scary than I originally anticipated. The main ‘annoyance’ with this little green buggers was that they were a bit sticky to the touch & I had to keep washing my hands with soap so I wouldn’t stick to everything!

After coming home from the store, I started to search recipe blogs for something that fit the bill.

Here’s what I found: SALSA VERDE The recipe is from one of my favorite cooking blogs, so I was sure it would be GREAT. I used this as a starting point & came up with the following recipe that was FANTASTIC!

  • 5  Tomatillos
  • 1/2 cup fresh Cilantro
  • 1/2 large vdalia  onion roughly chopped
  • 1/2 hatch pepper roughly chopped
  • the juice of one small lemon + rind
  • 2 tsp cumin
  • 2 garlic cloves (skins removed)
  • handful of cherry or grape tomatoes quartered (I know I know, this makes it less green, but just hang with me folks!)
  • salt for blanching


To make the salsa:

Blanch the tomatillos in boiling salt water for approx 2 mins. Let cool for a few minutes & rough chop. Add all of the rest of the ingredients listed above into a large foodprocessor (EXCEPT the red cherry tomatoes). Add in the tomatillos. Pulse the food processor until you reach the desired consistency and all of the ingredients are fully incorporated. In retrospect, I might use a bit less lemon juice unless I was using it as a sauce for marinating… but all in all a fantastic result.

Just before serving, I stirred in the cherry tomatoes for a burst of color & sweetness to even out the zing of the lemon juice. BUT you could totally serve as is too. As the ‘cinnamon-girl’ suggests on her website, you could also stir in some sour cream for an amazing dip/sauce. I bet this would taste just like the local “delux tomatillo” Tex-Mex sauce we get at Chuy’s!!

For the quesadillas, we just boiled a chicken breast & shredded the meat when it was completely cooked. The trick here is to make sure to bring down the heat when you add in the chicken. Do NOT boil on high heat, or the chicken will be dry. We simply stuffed 2 tortillas with the cheese & some low fat shredded Mexican Cheese and blistered it in a non stick pan over medium/med high heat for about 3-4 mins on the first side and 1-2 on side # 2. I usually cover it for the first side… to melt the cheese quicker!

Here was the result!!! YUM! Serve & Enjoy!




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2 responses to “Cheesey Chicken Quesadillas & Fresh Salsa Verde

  1. Karen

    Awesome looking and I bet it tastes as good as it looks!

  2. Steve & Brit

    thanks Mom! It was pretty yummy 🙂

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