Henningsvaer Day 1

During our final week in Norway, Steve and I were lucky enough to be a part of “Qualitative Camp 2009” 🙂 It was a week long class/conference where we interacted with students from all over the globe. We had lectures from distinguished faculty and listened to other students’ research as well. We were able to workshop ideas for future projects and give suggestions for improvements to others.

One of the best parts of this week, was meeting the fantastic friends from all over. There were people from the US, Norway, Russia, Pakistan, and China. Pretty amazing!

We all were lucky enough to stay in a beautiful hotel on the water together~ although, it was more like a bed and breakfast b/c we were served all of our meals here in this gorgeous dining room. It was by far the best “eats” we had during our trip! I even snagged a few yummy recipes from Roger (the owner). Both were for fish stew/soups. One resembled a semi-sweet manhattan clam chowder while the other was like a creamy new england base. I am very excited to try & replicate these great meals sometime soon!


View of the outside.


Yes, that really was the view from our hotel. See the top of the mountain there on the left side of the picture?? Yeah, well we climbed up there on Thurs. No joke. We really did… pics to come. The wooden circular thing on the deck (with the pipe sticking out) is a traditional norwegian hot tube. The water is heated up with a real fire!


The first day we were there, a whaling ship came in~ and had made a catch. Apparently whale is a common food that they eat. We were able to try it several times during our stay at Henningsvaer… We even had it on pizza. When it was cooked as if it were beef, I was not a big fan. However, I did really enjoy the preparation where they seem to make it almost like a softer version of jerky. They serve it on a piece of very thin flat bread (more like a cracker) with red onion & sour cream. It was actually very good that way.


They had already cut the whale into pieces when we got there… yuck…


This really neat building stood right across from the hotel. It felt like we had stepped back into time just a little bit…


This is the view from the building where we had our sessions. It was hard not to be distracted with a view like this!!!



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