Living in Austin

It’s weird how I never appreciate a city until it’s just about time to leave…

City of Austin from the Helicopter


I’ll finish my phd this year and *hopefully* get a job… probably somewhere other than in TX. While it’s exciting to think about the new adventure that’s in store for us, it’s also sad to think about the life we’ll leave.

Austin is such a cool city. Town lake, amazing Tex Mex, great barbecue, UT football, The Stone, and of course our amazing friends. The community that we’ve built here is really indescribable. We have such amazing friends~ they really are more like family~ and it will be very tough to leave this summer.

View of Downtown Austin


I felt the same way when we left Milwaukee. I lived in Milwaukee for 6 years. SIX folks, that’s a long time. I never realized what an awesome city it was until we had moved away. From Summerfest to Bradford Beach, Fall leaves to Summer boating~ Milwaukee had a lot more to offer than I ever realized. Here’s a shot from this summer in Milwaukee of me with my old roomies. We lived together back in 2002. Time flies…


The time will come when we’ll likely say good bye to this beautiful city that we’ve come to know as home~ the city where we began our lives together as husband & wife~ the city that we’ve lived and loved for almost 4 years. But when that time comes, we’ll be ready for the next new adventure that the Lord has in store for us!

As the sunset on Austin, it will dawn on a new day in a new city!

Lake Travis Sunset…



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One response to “Living in Austin

  1. Karen

    That was a very touching Blog entry. We haven’t even been able to get to Austin yet, and you had me all misty-eyed! Leaving is always sad, but we’re hoping you’ll be not so far away from us.
    We look forward to seeing Austin when we come for your graduation 🙂

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