Bat in the stairwell…

Bats don’t generally freak me out too much. I grew up going up to my cottage every weekend when I was little and there were always bats overhead at night. We’d be walking home from the beach/lake area back to the “directors cabin” and the little guys were always swarming around overhead. My mom swears they used to dive bomb her all the time b/c of her hair spray… She’s not a big fan of bats. But to be honest, they never really scared me that much.

Well, that all changed today. I was walking up the stairwell to UA9 … for those who don’t know… UA9 is the building that my office is in on UT’s campus. It’s a pretty scary sight normally. Bird poop everywhere, random poster boards lying around, Old chalkboards out in the open… REALLY pretty scary/gross. In fact, I will NOT come here at night by myself. It’s just too darn creepy. This used to be an old apartment complex and the building is always creaking in strange ways… you never know….

Anyway! Back to the story. I was walking up the stairs and came up on this fuzzy little thing stuck to the wall just outside the third floor doorway. I lean in a bit for a closer look and UGH!!! It was a BAT! A bitty bat just clinging to the brick wall, sleeping, chilling, right in the middle of the stairwell! I quickly proceeded to keep walking up the stairs (and along the way really freaked out some journalism student). When I arrived at my office, I emailed one of the amazing ladies in the CMS office, Jennifer, and she proceeded to save the day!

This is the email I got back from Jennifer. It was too cute 🙂

“I have contacted safety and they should be sending someone over…..she said “tell her not to disturb or touch it”…I am thinking….are you insane…you think she is going to say “wake up little bat, come bite me”!”

Needless to say, the bat has now been removed. That was enough excitement for anyone in one day! I guess that’s what I get for living in Austin, bat capital of the world.

Note. we called our cabin the “director’s cottage” b/c the entire peninsula used to be an old YMCA camp and we just kept calling the buildings by their original names when my grandparents bought the place 29 years ago!


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