Bored & Sick

Last week was NCA, or the national communication association conference. It was a blast. I got to catch up with old friends & profs and spend time with some of my future colleagues & grad students! I flew into chicago on Wed and had lunch with my good friends Stephanie and Erika. Erika works for Google and we got to eat lunch in the Google Lunchroom… um AMAZING. It was such a cool experience! We had Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Brown Butter and Fried Basil and it was fantastic! I can’t imagine eating lunch there every day… if I was in industry, I would definitely want to work at Google. They have so many great perks. The rest of the trip was spent visiting and conferencing. It was a lot of fun to hang out and catch up with others!

Sunday came around and it was time to head home. Unfortunately, I had started to develop a headache and felt just exhausted. When I got home @ 1:00pm on Sunday, I couldn’t do anything but just take a nap. Since then, it’s just gotten worse. I’ve got a fever, chills, body aches, sore throat, cough etc. I’ve pretty much been home bound since Sunday. Thanks to some good friends, my class is covered for today (and friday if need be). They say you’re contagious for up to 24 hrs after your fever breaks… so as of right now, I’m still contagious. Poor Steve, he’s been sleeping on the couch so as not to get sick.

So now I sit here… bored!!!!! Seriously, I am really sick of just laying around, watching TV, and napping. I’m really ready to be well again. I am, however, very excited for the holidays b/c all that’s on TV are thanksgiving & christmas commercials. I’m hoping to plan a cookie exchange some time in the near future! Anyway, if you feel so incline, say a prayer for my quick recovery!


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