Showered in Blessings

Today is a good day. I feel blessed beyond belief and incredibly thankful for all that I’ve been given in the last 24 hrs.

I spent the morning “cold calling” prisons… yes cold calling prisons. I am doing my dissertation research on prisons and prison “membership”… or “what it means to be a member of a prison.” I already collected my data in Norway & have been waiting patiently to get access to Texas prisons. I got the good news back on Oct 21st that they were giving me access!!! YAY, but it took till last week to get the contact numbers and the true go-ahead to make some calls. So after my week off with the flu (likely the swine variety) I started making calls. It’s a weird thing to cold call prisons… what do you say? “Hi there, I have approval to do research, let me in?” That doesn’t work well. I had to try to kind of explain my situation to the gatekeepers and hope they’d have the wardens call me back.

I was SO blessed to have this awesome warden in a prison near houston call me back. I’m now all set to start my interview in early December.

THEN I was working on some things on the computer and I get this crazy frantic phone call from my good friend Lacy. I can barely understand what she’s saying because she is so exited. Finally the pieces of the puzzle start fitting together & I realize she’s saying “our paper got accepted to comm monographs!” A

All in all ~ one heck of a good day. I have a new research site & a pub for the vita. To God be the Glory.



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