What a day

It’s been a crazy day in ATX. It allegedly snowed for like 5 minutes. Of course, I missed it. However, I DID see the hilarious reaction to the “winter weather.” First came the parking garage…I drove up to the garage I park in each day and there was this interesting little note pasted to the entryway. It said “Freeze Warning, Do not Park on Roof” WHAT?? WHY NOT?? For real, I started laughing like a fully on belly laugh for a good 2 minutes. All the way up the parking ramp I laughed at that sign. And then, guess what. I parked on the roof. There weren’t any other spaces in the garage. I figured I’d take my chances with the “freeze!”

Then as I was driving home from school I passed by Cuatros which is a bar/restaurant near campus. Their sign read: “What the heck weather man, where’s the freaking snow?” Again, I burst out laughing in my car all by myself. I’m pretty sure anyone who could see me at that point would have thought I was crazy.

Lesson: people go crazy with signs in ATX when it “snows.”

In other randomness… As I walked around campus today, I started to wonder, what is up with Ugg boots. Seriously? I mean, okay, they look warm & fuzzy. But really people, if it snows do you think that faux suede is the best way to go? Apparently students @ UT do. It just seems like they’d get ruined if they got really wet…

Lesson: people in ATX don’t have a  CLUE what to wear when it’s anything other than 75-100 & sunny 🙂

In other unrelated news, I FINALLY got my DSLR back!! YAY!!!! Just in time for cookie madness tomorrow. I am so pumped. Can’t wait.

More recipes & pics to come soon!


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