Cookie Exchange!

A few weeks back, I hosted a cookie exchange with a friend from school. We had a blast! Here were the instructions we mailed (let’s be honest emailed) out!

Here’s how it works…..

1. You pick your FAVORITE family holiday recipe including cookies, bars, brownies, fudge, candies etc. (NO cut out sugar cookies allowed, sorry… we’re afraid we’ll end up with too many, Homemade goodies only).
2. You bake/make 3-6 doz of that recipe.
3. You make 25-30 photo copies of the recipe.
4. You bring your treats AND a big cannister/tupperware container to the PaR-TaY on Dec 5th.
5. You go fill your big tupperware with other people’s cookies/treats and go home with 3-6 doz sweet treats, all different kinds. Mix & Match! Take your favorites AND *new* recipes to try at home. You can take as many dozens of cookies as you bring. So if you bring 3 doz, you’ll go home with 3 doz. If you bring 6 doz, you’ll go home with 6 doz.

We will provide drinks, cheese, crackers, and other snackies! No boys allowed 🙂 They can reap the benefits later if you’d like to share!

Also, we invited those we thought might be interested in baking/making from scratch~ but feel free to invite others as well if you think they would like to participate~ We’d love to have them!  Here is a website you might want to check out in case your stumped for ideas….
(if you wait for the visual to load, you can see the top cookies by year since the 1940s!)

I decided to make some tiramisu cookies… they were good, but not something I’d rave about. I’ll post the recipe & pics sometime.

Here are a few shots of the shin-dig below! Enjoy!!!

This was by far my favorite shot!



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2 responses to “Cookie Exchange!

  1. Carey

    love the apron, Brit! 🙂

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