Raindrops falling on my head…. IN THE APARTMENT.

It all began at 3:30am Monday night/Tues morning. We had just arrived home from our trip to WI at 6:00pm. After a quick dinner we headed to bed around 10pm.

At 3:30am yesterday, Steve woke up and heard the water. At first, he thought their was someone in our apartment. He walked out into the dining area and saw a large dark circle in the carpet. We quickly realized that water was literally “pouring” from our ceiling. The two worst places were our chandelier/light fixture in the kitchen & a crack in the laundry room. The water was coming out of those areas so quickly that it was as if some one turned on a facet.

The other areas weren’t quite as bad, but we had about 6 buckets out at one point. Nearly all of the walls in the laundry room, bathroom, dining area, and part of the kitchen had water spots. It’s been quite the day 😦 The maintenance people arrived at 4:00am, and quickly told us that they were calling in the professionals. They carpet/clean up guy (singular, poor guy was working ALL alone) got there at 4:30am. Turns out that the water was flooding all down the interior & EXTERIOR walls… we looked outside our place and saw it just flowing down, like rain. It was even worse on the ground floor. In all, 5 apts were damaged. the one directly above ours, ours, the one directly below ours, and two one either side on the ground floor.

The clean up guy stopped @ our place at 4:30 & told us that he’d be down in about 45 min after he did the upstairs…. he finally made it back at 6:45am. I guess it was far worse than he had anticipated. He worked in our place till about 9:20 & then went to the lower units. He came back around 3:00pm & put in two massive dehumidifiers and a large commerical fan. it seems to be working; the walls look drier and the carpet is less wet. My skin is taking the biggest toll though; it’s SO dry. I’ve been using lotion about every 15 min since the dehumidifiers went on. The clean up guy, Robert, sprayed lots of anti mold stuff on the carpet & walls. Fingers crossed that it WORKS! SO! That’s the scoop. The machines will be here until mid day on Thursday. Hopefully we will remain moldless.

All in all though, we were REALLY LUCKY and REALLY BLESSED.

So many things could have been much worse…For example:

  • We could have NOT been here… I shudder the thought. The water damage would have been far greater if we hadn’t called when we did.
  • We could have had water damage in the bedroom, in the closet, or over the bed.
  • We could have had the laptop/camera on the dining table… the items would have been severely damaged if this was the case.
  • We could have had the ceiling fall in on us… our neighbor later related to me that she had lived through a similar experience & it had turned out far worse. By the end of the night she was wearing sheet rock, pink insulation, and rat poop. Yeah, could have been much worse.

So I guess amdist the chaos (and the droning fan noises…bleh) there is much to be thankful for. We were here, the damage was minimal and not permant. More importantly, we made it home safely from a long trip around wisconsin. We didn’t crash driving in the snow covered roads. Our flights were on time and security was manageable.

It’s now time for bed, because even with the naps… I’m still exhausted from the stress of the day/night!

Nightie night! Don’t let the bed bugs bite 🙂



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3 responses to “Raindrops falling on my head…. IN THE APARTMENT.

  1. Shauna

    glad that things ended up being not so bad 🙂 Also glad you guys had a good trip… can’t wait to hear all about it!

    • Steve & Brit

      Thanks girl! It’s just a bit annoying at this point, but no real damage. Looking forward to seeing y’all (and your boots!) soon!

  2. Karen

    I’m glad you can still see the blessings through times of adversity.

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