Water Pictures

Here are just a few of the shots from our fun filled evening the other night.

Water bucket.. part way full. It got a lot fuller as the night progressed.

Laundry room. Notice the empty shelve. It didn’t start that way 😦 we had to move a bunch of stuff around that night.

Another laundry room pic. This room was the worst.

By this point, the water had slowed some, but you can still see it running between the lamp & the bucket.

Living room/kitchen area.

It’s pretty much all dried up in here now. These darn machines are drying out my skin & eyes as well. The carpet/clean up guy came again on Thurs & re layed our carpet pads. To my dismay, he said we neeeded to leave the de-humidifiers up (and the fan) through the weekend 😦 bleh. I konw I shouldn’t complain but these things are driving me batty! They are really distracting. And we can’t put any of our stuff back where it belongs until all of the work is complete. Clutter makes me crazy. I am ready for some normalcy in our lives again…It’s going to be awhile though!



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2 responses to “Water Pictures

  1. Lauren

    Holy Cow! That’s crazy. . . at least it’s almost over!

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