Only in Wisconsin…

I learned several things on our trip home to Wisconsin this year…

  • It did not take long to get my Wisconsin accent back. I spent most of the week oscillating between my “Texas” and “Wisconsin” accents. It was actually pretty annoying b/c I was aware of how I sounded every darn minute of the day. If I said something with a Texas twang, my WI friends made fun of me. If I said something with a WI tinge, my husband called me on it.
  • Once a winter weather driver, always a winter weather driver. I’ve got to be honest, I was a bit worried about driving on the snow covered & slippery roads. Turns out, driving in the snow is like riding a bike! You really don’t forget how to do it even if it’s been four years. Steve was the one driving in the worst of it, but I did drive several times in the snow while we were there (successfully, w/o crashing).
  • I do, in fact, miss the snow.

We also saw several crazy things that you’ll only see in Wisconsin, I promise (well… maybe in other frozen, midwestern states as well…):

  1. Crazy truckers passing on SINGLE lane highways in freezing sleet/snow/ice
  2. A guy up on his roof, shoveling the snow off, on Christmas morning.
  3. Liquor bottles in the check out lanes of the grocery store (caveat: this only seems to happen up north though).
  4. People wearing jeans to church on Christmas Eve.
  5. Frozen puppies. Dogs have to pee REALLY quickly or their short little legs will freeze up. I am not kidding this actually happens. Frozen legs = no pee = another trip out in the freezing cold!
  6. Friends/family being appalled that we didn’t make plans to watch the Packer game. I really hate that we didn’t get to watch the whole game, BUT we’re so darn used to missing it 😦 we figured what was one more game? In the end, we did get to catch the 2nd half! What was funny about this was the sheer shock in the voices of family members when we admitted we were “plan-less”

Hmm… I could probably go on, but that’s enough for today 🙂

Here’s a few shots I took while in the frozen tundra. Hope you like them!


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