Wisconsin Christmas in Photos

7 days, 367 pictures, 16 hrs of driving, and 168 hrs of fun!

Here are some of the shots we took when we were home for Christmas this year! There will be three separate posts, one for each of the family gatherings!

Steve & I under my parent’s Christmas tree! Steve’s sporting an Ohio University sweatshirt while I’m rocking my longhorns hoodie.

My cousins drove up for the day! It was totally awesome to see them all again! From left to right (front) Me, Emmie, Shelly (back) Steve, Dustin, Andy 🙂 We had a blast reminiscing about the “good ‘ole days” at Rugotska family Christmas gatherings!

Beautiful private drive near my parents home.

The guys checking out the new deck on the original lodge (this building is over 100 yrs old!)

Awh! Cousins~ born just a few days apart!

Just loved the snow

Steve was COLD!!!

Pre-church Christmas shot. Not sure what Mokey’s looking @ in this photo… 🙂

Me & Grandmother

Paul & I in front of the gorgeous fireplace

We coordinated!

Me & my awesome grandparents!

Steve rocking the bows. I’m sure he’s going to LOVE that I posted this pic 🙂

Mom & Dad got us Ohio gear! Thanks guys! Go Bobcats!

The morning of Christmas ~ Mom & I got up early to bake Christmas Cookies before Steve & I headed down to the Camps. It was a lot of fun. Mom said that the cookies were gone w/in a few hours 🙂 Guess they were yummy! Gotta Love SUGAR COOKIES!

We had so much fun visiting with my family~ can’t wait to go back & see them again!

Round two of pics coming soon….


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One response to “Wisconsin Christmas in Photos

  1. Karen

    It was fun seeing the pictures and re-living the fun times we had 🙂

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