Valentines Day

Yum Steak. Beef tenderloin to be exact. While… MINE was tenderloin~Steve got sirloin for himself. What a guy, only getting the best for his WIFE on VALENTINES DAY!

Steve and I decided after a series of failed valentines day outings (see footnote), that EATING IN was the best bet! No roses allowed. No goofy candy boxes or other “hallmark holiday” items. In fact, this year neither of us even did the card thing. Though, I do have to admit, I like cards (or even just plain hand written notes)… Maybe next year! 🙂 Over the last …geez 4 yrs maybe? our celebration of Vday has involved staying home with a glass of wine & a good meal. Oh, and did I mention that my hubby is responsible for cooking the meal? (and shopping etc….).

Steve actually really loves to cook. I just rarely let him. SO Vday is the perfect occasion to let him have at it and make his favorites. In the past he’s made amazing shrimp & chicken stirfry (all fresh produce & prawns) 🙂 and yummy chicken dishes. For valentines this year~ he made one of my FAVORITES: STEAK. I’m definitely a daddy’s girl when it comes to my choice in red meat.

Dad always got the tenderloin when we went out for special occasions (that or Lobster which incidentally I also love)…. there was this one restaurant in particular that we went to near my home town. It was called Jacks or Better. They always served the steaks on this searing hot plate, in a beautiful pool of melting butter (and fried onions/mushrooms per request). AH-MAZING. We would usually go twice a year (ish…) once on dad’s b-day & once on mine. We always got to pick our b-day restaurants. Like I said, daddy’s girl through & through!

The dinner Steve made was very reminiscent of my childhood memories. Though, cooked on a much smaller “grill!” Why do we have two of these you might ask… we each had one that we brought to the marriage 🙂

Isn’t he just the cutest in my apron. Trying not to get stuff splattered on him 🙂

He made this ALL on his own. SO amazing!!!

Gotta love this man!

Foot note…. two worst Valentines days….

Number 2: Prime Quarter

Had dinner with some friends who were in the midst of breaking up. We waited for 2 hrs to get seated in awkward silence…

Prime Quarter is a restaurant where you cook your own steaks~ so our friends spent the evening making sure their were in separate locations (e.g., grill vs. table) than the each other. This lead to Steve & I being in different places as well… me with my girl friend & Steve with the guy 🙂 They did break up shortly after that night, BUT maybe 4 yrs later got back together & now are happily married. Alls well that ends well! 🙂

Number 1:hmmm can’t remember the name of the restaurant. It was on Broadway in Milwaukee I think.. Palm something.

By far the worst valentines ever… and it had nothing to do with US!

First, we locked the keys in the car. I can’t remember who did it… but I *think* it was Steve 🙂 b/c we had his Jeep. Honestly, can’t remember how we resolved that either… just remember that we did it. Wow. Long time ago… maybe 2003?

Next, we had reservations, but some how we still had to wait for and hour & 45 min.

Then, when we sat down, we were DIRECTLY next to some very loud and rather distracting individuals. I had a hard time focusing on our conversation b/c of the types of things (ick) and the way in which these folks were talking…

Finally, our food was NOT good at all. It was expensive & not well prepared. So overcooked in fact, that I sent mine back. I don’t often do that, but in this instance, enough was enough 😦

In all, a very bad experience. I’m pretty sure that was our VERY LAST Valentines day meal outside of the house!


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  1. Lauren

    Your #1 worst Valentines dinner is exactly why Ryan and I stay home, too! Who wants to wait forever at a restaurant where chefs are too busy to be attentive to each meal?! I agree with you. Staying home is better. :o)

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