Things I’m excited to do this summer

It’s been a long haul these last four years~ and it’s definitely not done yet. Not until all 5 of my committee members have put their signatures on the dotted line. Well, actually~ it’s not “dotted” but you get the idea!

I am ready for a different life~ a life that involves a bit more balance.

Here are some things I’m looking forward to this summer:

  • Scrapbooking last summer’s Norway trip
  • Cooking/Baking & trying new recipes
  • Going to farmers markets
  • Starting a garden! (This is the plan… we’ll see if it works out:))
  • Decorating our new house in Athens (and shopping for some good deals)
  • Sleeping
  • Finishing all of those papers that kept getting pushed off until “the dissertation was done”
  • Checking a few more “must sees” off of our Austin list before we head out
  • Road tripping it from Austin to Athens with my sweet hubby!
  • Stopping to appreciate the beauty of this earth just as He created it
  • Grant conference in Chicago
  • Friend’s wedding in Key Largo 🙂 Ah, the beach
  • I’m sure they’ll be many more things … just can’t think of them right now!

I know that life will still be crazy busy ~ but I’m looking forward to just a few weeks of “down time” before life picks up again. It’s been well worth it~ but I’m ready for some true R&R!


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