Baby Rattle Cupcakes

BABIES BABIES BABIES! So many of my sweet friends are pregnant ~ which means that baby showers are occurring in abundance! After searching the net, I settled on making some adorable baby rattle cupcakes for the event. I didn’t have time to decorate them like this, but I still think they turned out pretty cute!

I decided to use this recipe from Annie’s Eats ~ b/c let’s be honest, that girl has never failed me! Her recipes always seem to turn to gold, and this one was no exception. These Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes did NOT disappoint. In her post, Annie suggests that the baker should poke holes in the cupcakes & drizzle with a mixture of thawed lemonade concentrate & powdered sugar. I heartily agree. The lemonade mixture made the cupcakes so much more special and refreshing! Sorry to her sweet husband Ben, but I (and all of the ladies at the shower) disagree with you!

Here are the pictures “pre-assembly”

Of course, I had to try one before serving them to guests! Oh my. It was like this explosion of flavor in your mouth! Just unreal!

Here are the baby rattles fully assembled. Usually people use ribbon for the bows, but I had yarn on hand ~ it turned out to be  a great substitute. The dots stood in for the gum drops listed in most recipes.

I got the “lollipop sticks” from Walmart near the cake/wedding/crafty section. They were totally cheap!

Since I decided not to “decorate” these cupcakes with any kind of piping~ I sprinkled them with coarse white sugar. It thought it added an extra something.

Here’s a shot of all of the girls! Mommy Blair is in the middle in the appropriate pink tank top. It was a surprise party~ so she didn’t even realize we were throwing her a baby shower! Yet some how the girl still knew to wear PINK! Well done Blair 🙂

Wow, am I going to miss these girls. Seriously ladies, you’ve poured into my life over the last several years in amazing ways. My walk is forever changed (in amazingly rich & positive ways) because of y’all! I love you girls!



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3 responses to “Baby Rattle Cupcakes

  1. Shauna

    and we love you!

  2. Carey

    1) those cupcakes look so yummy.
    2) cute shirt. 😉

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