It’s been almost a month…

…and I haven’t written a word.

Why you might ask… well the Petersons became Ohioans this past month. We departed the great state of Texas on June 3rd (a day delayed, but that’s another story) for Athens, Ohio. We made it here, but we’re still making it home. Hence, the long departure from the blog. But don’t worry, I’ve been taking pictures to document the whole process.

I just realized I need to post a few graduation pictures still too!! Not to mention the shots we took our last week in Austin. I am far behind, but I’ll catch you all up soon. We’re been doing some pretty significant home improvement projects. I’ll post before and afters once we’re settled.

Today we’re trying out a new church in the Athens area. We’re praying for a good solid church home & community of believers. The toughest thing about leaving Austin was moving away from our church and our ‘family’ there. We’re thinking of y’all & missing you today.

On an unrelated note, happy fathers day to my awesome Dad!! I miss you & love you dearly. I couldn’t have asked for a better father. Truly, you mean the world to me. Below is a shot we took @ Christmas this past year. Hope you have a great day daddy~ I miss you!


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One response to “It’s been almost a month…

  1. Mom

    Everyone in the picture looks great except ME! Ohmygosh, I’d better go on a diet!!!

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