Kitchen B&A

Round two in the “renovation” home improvement posts focuses on the KITCHEN! Yay!! My favorite room in the house… well, maybe my second favorite πŸ™‚

Steve & I have a vision for remodeling this room…but then life happened. Or rather, “homeownership” happened and two appliances died.

In a nutshell:

The very first time I turned on the dishwasher the motor did not work. The dishwasher was kind enough to fill itself up with water, but then the spin/drain cycle would not work. Yeah… not so fun to “mop” water out of that thing!

The very first time I used the gas oven, it smelled like gas. I noticed it when I turned the oven on, but I just though that was normal to smell a certain odor from gas appliances… Well, Steve came home after being gone for an hour or so and told me emphatically that the gas smell was NOT normal and that we really should get out of the house. We ended up calling the gas company and they confirmed the oven was leaking gas. Not so cool.

That said, we needed 2 new appliances. So the kitchen “dream” renovation had to be put on the back burner so that we could replace the dish washer and oven. I do have to say, I LOVE my new appliances. They are really pretty and actually work!

Oven/Stove Before:

Dishwasher & Sink Before:


In addition to replacing the stove/oven & dishwasher, Steve put in a BRAND NEW stainless steal sink. Oh, and he re-did the ENTIRE plumbing system under the sink. The previous owners had some water damage from a leak in the sink?? or dishwasher area?? The leak left a rotted floor board in one cabinet and plumbing in need of repair (or replacement). Luckily my hubby had Dave to call on for all of his plumbing Q&As!

BIG shout out to Dave. We truly could NOT have done this with you!!!

Here are some shots of the replacement process:

Nasty bottom of the cabinet under the sink. Yuck.

Plumbing before

Buh-bye yucky sink. Oh, I probably failed to mention earlier that the sink itself was pretty disgusting. It had these yellow stains that would just NOT come off no matter what cleaner I tried…and the drain area was all rusty. Gross.

Steve knocking out that nasty “floor” of the cabinet.

Steve cleaned the sub-floor with bleach & water and then sealed the floor/cabinet walls with an oil based paint. The Square you see is the new “floor” and the white paint is actually on the sides of the cabinet. He also installed the new water line to the refrigerator that you see here. Oh, and the valves (hot & cold) are both new as well. Needless to say, we were with out water for several hours a day for a week πŸ™‚

New garbage disposal! The house didn’t have one before~ I was SO pumped when Steve said he could install one. I have one handy honey! Can you see the sneak peak of the new sink??!!

Almost done!!! The only things left to do were to install the dishwasher & put in the new electrical outlet. Both were done by professionals.

Some of you maybe wondering what I was doing while Steve was rebuilding our kitchen, well… I was putting together these shelving units for our bedroom, amongst other things. I used the power drill all by myself πŸ™‚ Steve was proud.

Oh, and I took pictures of Steve while he worked. πŸ™‚ Come on, some one had to document the process!!

It took some time to complete all of this work, but it was totally worth the effort! I’m totally loving the new kitchen πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy it too! Here are the awesome results!

This is the Table that is suppose to go with these chairs. We’ve been using a different table for the last 4 years in Austin. Steve’s mom & Don were nice enough to drive this one (and a bunch of other STUFF) down to us this past weekend. It fits well in the space.

This pic was taken while I was standing with my back to the table. I ❀ the new appliances!

You can see all three new items in this pic… the dishwasher, sink, and stove! On a side note, I’m itching to get rid of that wavy piece of wood above the sink… so country. Not really my style.

Love this sink! The facet has a regular stream function & a spray function. It also is one of those pull down faucets.

This is the most unique part about the kitchen. If we do remodel, this part will go. I have to admit, I’ll be sad if that happens. These open shelves have kind of grown on me. The two beautiful bowls on the lowest shelves are gifts from our awesome neighbors. Some how they just had a sixth sense about what color to get to match our dishes! Also, notice the beautiful tea box from my sweet aunt & uncle who lived in London for a few years. I love displaying fun gifts!

We still have some things to change… e.g., replace the GOLD hardware with some brushed silver… but we’ll get there…eventually!
I’ve already started to break the kitchen in by making these yummy roasted veggies & chicken with a brown butter sage sauce.

And I couldn’t help by wear something I bought in San Antonio the week before we left….


God Bless Texas!



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6 responses to “Kitchen B&A

  1. Kathrin

    It look AWESOME!! Way to go guys!!

  2. Lacy

    A few thoughts…
    1. I covet your stovetop – I know that’s bad, but I do. πŸ™‚

    2. Pull down faucets are AWESOME. I love mine.

    3. Something to ponder – you could just remove all the gold hardware and spray paint it. I’ve seen it done with beautiful (& durable) results.

    4. If you get rid of those open cabinets I will cry – they are so cute!

  3. jen

    the kitchen looks great! i also love the open cabinets πŸ™‚

  4. Max Bear Engram

    I gotta say,
    “Way to go guys……” Best thing in the whole blog, Texas flag wrapped around the bod in the kitchen, STAR closest to your Heart!!!! I hope you were cooking/grilling mammals with large bones, and I know for sure drinking Lone Star beer right?. haha



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