Steve and baby Bru…I mean, Bigsby.

Steve has a new friend. His name is Bigsby. He is a Boxer.

For those of you who know Steve… this revelation might come as a bit of a surprise. The man is not really a “dog lover” per se. But little Bigsby has brought of the best in my “Brittany, I don’t like dogs ” husband.

Our good friends Alan & Marie got a boxer awhile back and named him Bruce. They often call him Bru, hence the name of this post. When Steve and I saw our neighbors got a new dog (they now have 6 total), we immediately started calling him baby Bru. Steve walked right over to their fence and picked him up! He’s continued this trend every time that Bigsby is out in the yard. He always walks over & picks the little love bug up. It’s adorable. The neighbors are now teasing him, telling him that he needs to get a dog 🙂

Steve has made such a pattern out of picking up the dog, that sweet Bigsby knows his routine. When he’s let out, he’ll come running over to the fence & stare at Steve till he picks him up. Too cute for words.

Steve, the “cat is out of the bag” and you’ve been”outed” as a dog lover honey!



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7 responses to “Steve and baby Bru…I mean, Bigsby.

  1. Carey

    oh my word, that’s adorable. good job, steve! 🙂

  2. gregg

    haha. glad to know steve hasn’t wasted any time making friends.

  3. Mom

    People can say they don’t like dogs, but those sweet little puppy faces are irresistable. Before long, Steve will want one of his own.

  4. Sara Wilson

    This may be the first time I have ever commented, even though I am a frequent reader…however, this merits a note! I LOVE seeing people come over to the dark side when it comes to pets…I adored watching Richard go from moderately ambivalent to totally in love with our dog.

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